Why choose our frameless glass showers?pro_062762


Klierview Inc. uses frameless glass that is elegant, modern, luxurious and gives a spacious feel to your washroom. Our frameless glass shower entrances are functional and versatile in their ability to be designed into almost any conceivable shape and size. We use 3/8″ tempered glass which is the minimum glass thickness required for a structural rating so that it needs no supporting frame so we can create a very light appearance. You may also choose 1/2″ thick tempered glass for a richer look and greater strength. As well as for safety which matters to us the most, we use tempered frameless glass as it never breaks into sharp, dangerous shards as does non-tempered glass.

The experience that repeats itself is one of framed shower enclosures leaking and needing to be replaced. When a framed shower enclosure is demolished, it is clear that molds are almost always present in the tracking. Replacing a framed entrance with 10mm frameless is a positive step toward greater hygiene and better health.



Klierview Glass Coating is a must, as it will add happiness to your shower enclosure experience far beyond the $95.00/panel expense.

Klierview patented easy-to-clean protective coatings improve and protect your glass, granite, tiles, porcelain, and quartz surfaces with the features and benefits below:

  • UV stable
  • 100% optically clear
  • Reduces cleaning by up to 90%
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • 20% more brilliance
  • 10X more water repellent
  • Protection of the surface from stains, scratches and other damage
  • A healthier environment by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and cleaners
  • Benefits for new or existing surfaces
  • Revitalization to maintain “like new” performance, if desired, is easy and effective




Klierview Inc. offers solutions for both cast glass and ceramic frit



What is cast glass?


Cast glass is a type of molded pattern glass that provides both obscurity and high light transmission. This product is available is various patterns and is a versatile solution to many design needs. Cast glass adds a very unique touch to the aesthetic of your shower.


What is ceramic frit?

Ceramic frit is a pigmented enamel permanently fused to the glass surface at temperatures in excess of 1200°F. This is a versatile product that can be applied to glass for a cost effective, low maintenance solution to many design needs.




If interested in inquiring more information about getting one of our frameless glass showers installed, you can fill out this form and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours.